Miners Discovery

Miners Discovery is a game created in mid-2017 and has been inactive for quite some time. Just recently, I have started development on it again, and I am officially releasing the Miners Discovery Christmas update! This update adds a new festive map, festive ores including Christmasium, Candy-Canite, Wreathium!

Dozens of ores and multiple pickaxes make Miners Discovery endlessly fun!

Check it out here: Miners Discovery.

Update Log: Miners Discovery Update Log.

Thanks to:
@boss_zcx - Main Builder
@The_BucketHead - Executive Officer
@WrittenAlloy402 - Head Administrator

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I’m definitely going to check this out! I’m a huge enthusiast of mining games and have been working on one myself! :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy it! Good luck with your own!

The Update Log for Miners Discovery is now published!