Hi there!

I built this Mini Table a while back (when I was building for the fun of it), and I wanted to see how it holds up today.

Any feedback, suggestions or criticisms are appreciated! Thank you! :smiley:


the table kinda simple maybe you put on or in the table look more cool

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Yeah, I thought it was quite bland when I saw it again.
Thanks for the feedback though.

Simple but nice!

Although when I think of a table the wood would be metal. (or is it metal)

Your choice, however.

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Turns out it’s plastic. Although I’ll take this into consideration when I build more “tables”.

In my opinion, I love simple builds, so good job! I like it.

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It would look even better if you aligned the sides with each other

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You could add metal, or something on the table. Nice job!

I like the table so far, It reminds me of a oriental type of table you would see at a restaurant deep into Japan or China. Good work on it, maybe it would look a little better if you gave some real wood textures, and also the table is not connected to the siding on the left side. :rocket:



Great spotting. I’ll get to fixing it.