Mini world feedback

Working on a mini world game thing and wanted some feedback on the current buildings I have and the player model, Animations arent done so its only a very simple walk animation that will be changed later



Game link


It’s really cool and simple, you should reduce the jump power so it fits the theme!

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Yeah I plan on making character tweaks once I figure out the world and set things up, thanks for checking it out

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Very good in my opinion. Fits the theme, it is genuinely like some small people just started a small civilization in a village. I love how under the farm, there is something like a little home, and everything is necessary for a village. The character designs are pretty cute, and small enough to fit in the places they need to go to, but too big to enter things like windows. Looking forward to see what you make next! :smile:

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It’s really cute! I love the style of the buildings and the character, well done!

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The farm thing is based on an indigenous long house, originally I wanted a more intune with the land feel however I began mixxing some european concepts such as thatch rooves and windmill/waterwheels

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I really like the game it is very good the trees and all the things. Just a quick suggestion

  • make it so that we can do some things like have food and stuff
  • make it so that we can battle in an arena
  • the farms looks pretty good make it so that we can use it somehow
  • also add some more buildings.

well that is it for the suggestions.
hope you like them


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