Minigame Frenzy! [Ideas?]

Hello! My name is Az, and I am currently making Minigame Frenzy! I was wondering, could ya’ll give me some ideas of what I could put in the lobby? I don’t have anything yet, so feel free to say anything!

Bonus Post: Could ya’ll give me some ideas for minigames? I only have 3 so far, so feel free to say anything! Thanks!

Guessing games, memory games, anything with order, minigames like balance, picking the correct object, searching for an object, small battles, speed builds/paints. There are a lot of ideas for minigames, just think of a topic/item and expand on it.

For the lobby, you could have shops for multiple different things, a daily reward area, natural decoration (rocks, trees, waterfalls, caves), possibly a small obby/minigame to play in between.

Nice ideas! Thank you! (30char)

Of course, glad I could help. Really it’s just thinking of a theme/item and expanding on what you want your user experience to be.

Can you perhaps include a few images of the lobby? Place something simple in the lobby like shops, obstacle courses, ect.

I would say a small obstacle course which players get a reward for once completed, nothing to special but it will help keep players in-game and active whilst they are waiting. Maybe some small decorations a hidden hole they need to find to achieve a badge.

Have something to do while they wait, maybe add like a secret underground area, they’ll find and interact with each other having an update for quests could attract players to come back repeatedly to achieve those items add something that’ll entertain the players?

Please stay to your original thread for finding what mini games to gather or ideas:

i love those ideas! Thank you! I reposted because I thought lobby ideas were better for THIS section.

I would add in small mini-games such as obbies, checkerboards that disappear and make you fall afterwards, a map voter, and leader boards to see who has the most wins.

I got Lots of Ideas!

First: Floor is Lava
Second: Capture the Flag
Third: Escape the Killer
Fourth: Tsunami
Fifth: Escape the Prison
Sixth: Find the Correct Door
Seventh: Escape the Hard Maze

That’s all!