[Minigames] Gamma Games

I made a new minigames game after months of work. Check it out if you like minigames (or GUIs) and tell me what you think!

Not sure if you knew this, but you gotta add the filter to the chat so you don’t get your game taken down :wink:

There is a filter. Is FilterStringAsync out of date or something?

No idea, but you should be using FilterStringForPlayerAsync and/or FilterStringForBroadcast.

The chat filter is fine. I have no idea what Dapale was seeing.

Oh, does it not filter for the client? Eventually I started seeing hashes from other users, so I assumed that it was actually in there. I just said some crazy words and on my screen they weren’t hashed so I had no idea whether or not they were for everyone else.

found a bug (I think), I got 100 exp right after I joined the game the first time without be in a round.

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It’s actually pretty fun.

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Yeah that was probably it. It doesn’t filter what you say on your own screen.

I played it for a while yesterday. Was pretty fun, but I also have a ton of criticisms. Message me if you are interested in hearing my feedback.