Minimal but noticeable shifting in part positions and parts being registered in places they are not

Hey, i need serious help, Roblox studio is bugging out on me when i try to move parts.
The position of parts keeps shifting or showing that they are in position they are not.

I tried to change the Z position to without the .007 and this happened

It’s virtually impossible to build good looking things when it’s all covered in these tiny gaps that show up from a far and break welds.

This part is almost perfectly aligned but it says it’s .400 to the right.
Please help! It’s really infuriating :slightly_frowning_face:

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Roblox seems to really like doing this, I don’t know why. Here’s the plugin I use to remedy the issue.


Thank you so much, you have no idea how much of a life saver and a mental sanity saver this might be! I’ll tell ya if it helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Nevermind, i click snap selection to grid and what i have selected along with anything welded to it get’s sent 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 studs in the Y direction (Yeah, went out of the workspace.)

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That’s really odd. What grid size are you using in the plugin?

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0.1 studs grid.


That’s super bizarre, sorry that happened. The only other real solution for the problem is just to round the floats manually in the properties, but that’s really, really annoying to do.

The problem is when i try to correct it, it just snaps back to the wrong spot, and again, it keeps shifting.
Also, it only goes 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 studs away when it’s welded to something.

How far away are you from the origin exactly? Can you tell us the position of one of the parts that aren’t being aligned properly?

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To expand on what @XAXA is saying, if you are building somewhere that is far from the point 0,0,0 you are likely encountering a floating point error. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to do to fix this except building closer to the origin, as the further you are, the worse the offset gets.

I dont think this is the case though as you’re only about 1000 studs away from 0,0,0.

Since I’m not experiencing this on the latest version of studio, I bet that its being caused by something on your end, possibly a plugin running in the background. Try disabling all of your plugins to see if that’s the cause.

You can see it in the screenshots. But i already moved them again.

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This is especially problem with complex unions. After unioning the assets will move at minimum of 0.7 increments.

You could try using the multi tool which has a snap to grid function.