Minimal Read Time Requirements


First of all, let’s be real. Dump and spam posts are pretty big problem here, on DevForum. People are getting Member after 16h of Read Time and they are granted ability to post almost everywhere. Dump posts is not a problem in Platform Feedback and overall in all categories which require Post Approval method to post.

Sure, 16 hours of Read Time is pretty decent, but you really learn how to use the Forum after let’s say 1 day of Read Time.

Every now and then I see a post in scripting-support which sounds like this:

“Hello I want to make GTA 5 like game. Please send me all scripts.”

This is just a problem, it gets flagged and reported to DET (more work for DET, while they could take care of more serious problems).
User either gets suspended or warned.

There could be way to avoid all of this. If there would be some requirements such as Minimal Read Time or Minimal Posts (or something like that) to post in some Categories.

Scripting-Support could be how it is, but for example this could be applied onto Community Resources, where posts like this appear. See the user has 16 hours of Read Time. Great example.

I know some people might be against this, but the more you read the more experience you get, the more civilized you are.

This could help clean the Forum just a bit more.

P.S.: This doesn’t apply to all Members that got promoted just while ago. Some are very civilized and good-behaved. But sadly not everyone.


I guess this isn’t a Discourse feature (Discourse is the forum software Roblox uses). The only feature that could solve it is the trust level one, but this would probably restrict the abilities of new members. Personally, in order to get promoted to a Regular, I had to sign in on the forum and contribute to discussions for more than 200 days. Currently, Regulars can make posts without them going through PA, they can make topics in #discussion, and view #lounge and #platform-feedback:moderation-review-requests .

Unfortunately, PA from #resources:community-resources and from #resources:community-tutorials has been removed. According to PA members, 90% of the posts were approved without any edits. The comeback of this feature has been discussed many times before, like in this post made by me. Personally, I’ve even seen a malicious model that contained a script which was contacting Synapse X. Recently, I saw a post from a PA member telling that in the PA Discord group chat, they’re discussing the comeback of PA in those 2 categories. Not sure however if they will ever require PA in these categories again. After post approval was removed from there, posts are now really low-quality. However, due to the pandemic, PA won’t be added soon in those categories. They already receive many requests and many new members join this period. For example, when I was still a Member, it took more than 2 weeks to get a post approved.

Anyways, I agree with your suggestion, and, hopefully, these categories will become better in the future.

Edit: You can check the post again, I’ve added some new things to my post I forgot to add.


I am not sure about this. But I think it should be. Discourse offers lots of customization, so I think they included this.

I understand that. PA is only group of few people considering how many users this Forum has. These posts are only sometimes, but they still happen.

Oh no. I didn’t even know about this. That is not great.



As I said in my previous reply, this can be solved by trust levels. But I don’t really think they’ll mess up with the category perms and make a new trust level in the near future. The only solution is to bring PA back.


It doesn’t have to be, Post Approval is already struggling with just one category (#platform-feedback). What we need is to make topic creation Regular+ much like #discussion. In #discussion you can’t even use post approval as a member to post topics in there. You would need to wait until you are a regular. This should happen and I am wondering if this has been taken into consideration


16 hours of read time being the promotion criteria is incorrect, that’s 2 whole working days of just reading posts FYI (it only counts time you are actually reading). Please don’t present these things as facts. The requirements can change all the time and they’re not meant to be known by users. Not constructive to discuss about specific thresholds.


Well I know, it was just an example. Sorry if it didn’t sound like that from the Original Post.

I know right.

I didn’t mean it like that.

But I have seen (numerous times) that there was a user, who got Member after only 8 hours, but that just depends a lot. This is another chapter, so I won’t discuss that here.

My original idea was to restrict it a bit more though, so basically more experienced people are able to post in more categories. This was just my rough idea.


Basically what happens when further increasing read time is that only the most determined of younger kids / trolls are going to get onto the forum, putting up even more roadblocks for mature users who have other things to do in life than browsing immature topics for hours and hours just to get access to the forum. Not happening.