Minimalist Cafe Showcase

Hello. I’ve recently set out to create my first showcase and have worked on it for the past few days.

Couple of screenshots

Showcase link

[RAR] Minimalist Cafe Showcase - Roblox

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated :smiley:

The cafe may seem a little barren, this is because it isn’t entirely finished because I’ve kinda lost motivation to finish it (atleast, as of now)


Well, the building definitely looks nice.
I don’t have any suggestions.
Thank you and have a nice day.


This is great! :woot:
What inspired you to make this build? and what software did you use?

I also feel like the floor or ceiling is bare. You could add some type of mural on one of the two?

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I used blender to model everything in the showcase. As for the design, I tried to replicate as much as I could from this cafe irl.

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Absolutely beautiful! :star_struck:

May I ask how long you have been practicing blender for? – Being a beginner myself, its amazing to see how well and smooth people can make such things!

Bravo to you! :+1:

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Great showcase, I really enjoy it!
So, I’d add a back area, and make some nice terrain and nature outside of the building, with some benches, trees, and maybe some picnic tables.
Other than that, great showcase!

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I’ve been modeling on and off since the start of the year. Just be persistent and put in the time and you’ll start pumping out great content in no time :smiley:

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Wow! This build is incredible dude. I honestly don’t have any suggestions except maybe a bit of texture here and there. Just to make it a bit less smooth.

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Wow! This is phenomenal. I really love your style. No suggestions from me as this is pretty awesome!

Rating: :star::star::star::star::star:


Not bad, I quite like this. I think you should add a little more detail to the ceiling.

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