Minimum Amount Of Money/Robux you need to spend on Advertising

Hope this is the right category to place it in, but in regards to the new Ad Manager feature, I’ve been wondering what is the minimum amount of money/Robux to actually get an ad or sponsorship running.

The documentation detailing the Ad Manager doesn’t really clarify that well on it, and I’ve seen some people saying you need to get another 10 credits (on top of the initial conversion) just to start an Ad Campaign (which would be over 5000 Robux). The documentation also says something about a threshold of 100 dollars when using credit cards or debit cards. I haven’t really found any information anywhere that gets into the real specifics of it.

So, any help clarifying the absolute minimum I would need to spend on advertising just to get a taste of it?

1 Ad Credit = 285 :robux_light: (robux)
so 10 Ad credits are 2,850 :robux_light: (robux)
and 5,000 Ad Credits will probably be 1,425,000 :robux_light: (robux)

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So I need a minimum of 5000 ad credits?

i think you need 1 or 10, i never used ads manager but only know the prices

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