Mining Game Question - Ore Generation

How can I create a mining game?

So, I’m trying to recreate a summer memory which didnt really go to plan, since I couldn’t generate ores because of my current knowledge of generation of terrain. I want to make a game like epic mines and the quarry but more fun. I want random blocks to spawn at certain layers which can easily be done with an if statement checking if the Y axis is <400. This game was very fun to make back in 2019, but I don’t have the knowledge to progress, so here I am asking kindly for help asap. I got a list of what I need.

– List –
Ore Generation, sets up a basic mine.
Ore or basic blocks to spawn in the direction it was placed. For bottom, It will go, front, back, left and bottom. This depends on the side it was destroyed.

Sorry if I sound greedy or desperate for a script to do this - It’s my knowledge of doing this. I just want to remake a memory I had from summer 2019. Just when the summer truly began. I never updated after a few weeks since I couldn’t update, because of my lua scripting knowledge. Please understand, be a nice person and help me out if you may. This would make my game nearly complete, as I can make the ores and build the rest. Again, understand what I’ve said: “Be a nice person, help me out if you may.” Wish you all have a great day folks.

Maybe you can use the mining kit Berezaa made
here is the link:

Berezaa Infinite Mining Kit