Ministry: Normal Wand Spells

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Wands are automatically given to non-ministry members during raids/battles. If a user is in the Ministry group (linked above) they will always receive a wand.

  1. Equip the “Wand” tool
  2. Type a spell in chat and hit enter
  3. Aim at your target
  4. Click/tap your target

To block another users spell hit “Q” on the keyboard or if you are on a mobile device hit the “BLOCK” button.

If you do all of the steps right you should be able to cast the spell!

Example of a successful cast:


  • Aboleo - Spell that breaks protego shield
  • Aguamenti - Water spell
  • Alarte ascendare - Spell that launches a person/object into the air
  • Anteoculatia - Antler spell
  • Appa - Teleportation spell
  • Arresto momentum - Spell that slows the movement of a person/object
  • Ascendio - Launches the caster higher into the air
  • Avada Kedavra - Killing curse
  • Baubillious - A charm that precipitates a jet of white sparks
  • Bombarda - Explosion spell
  • Carpe retractum - A charm that produced a magical, retractable cord of light, that could be used to pull objects towards the caster
  • Confringo - Explosion spell
  • Crucio - Pain inflicting spell, holding down longer deals more damage
  • Defodio - Pain inflicting spell
  • Deletrius - Eradication spell
  • Depulso - A charm that sends the target away from the caster
  • Diffindo - Severing charm
  • Duro - Hardening charm
  • Ebublio - Bubble charm
  • Episkey - Healing charm
  • Expelliarmus - Disarming charm
  • Flare - Red bolt spell
  • Flipendo - Knockback spell
  • Fumos - Smoke spell
  • Geminio - Cloning spell
  • Glacius - Freezing spell
  • Impedimenta - Jinx that hinders the movement of the target, slowing it down or stopping it in its tracks
  • Imperio - Mind control spell
  • Incendio - Fire spell
  • Infernum - A charm that produces a large ring of fire around the caster (Elder Wand)
  • Inflatus - Jinx that inflated the target
  • Levicorpus - Dangling jinx
  • Liberacorpus
  • Lumos - Light producing charm
  • Lumos maxima - Brighter light producing charm
  • Mobilicorpus - A charm which is used to move bodies by suspending them a few inches above the air
  • Morsmordre -A dark charm used to conjure the image of the Dark Mark
  • Nervus - Allows the caster to give their target instructions
  • Nox - Removes lumos light
  • Obscuro - Conjures a blindfold over the target
  • Periculum - Firework charm
  • Petrificus totalus - Body freezing spell
  • Protego - Shield spell
  • Protego totalum - Larger shield spell
  • Protego diabolica - A powerful dark charm that allowed the user to create a protective ring of blue-black fire around them that completely incinerates enemies of the caster (Elder Wand)
  • Pruina tempestatis - Freezes all players within a certain radius (Elder Wand)
  • Sectumsempra - A dark spell that lacerates the target
  • Stupefy - Stunning spell
  • Tarantallegra - Dancing charm
  • Tonitro - A damaging swift blue beam
  • Ventus - Wind spell
  • Verdimillious - A charm that emits green sparks from the wand
  • Verto - Transfiguration spell
  • Vulnera sanentur - A spell that heals deep wounds

[Post will be updated if new spells are added]

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