Minor bug: Running footsteps from the player can't be heard in the server

This is wierd. When I was on studio, I hear the footsteps when my character walks around in Solo mode. But when I’m on the server, I can’t hear any footstep. This occured to me in various games. So then I asked to some people if they experienced the same thing, and many of them told me that they can’t hear any sound. This does not happens only in my games, but in the default Sound script aswell.I don’t know what’s going on but this has been bothering me for a while. I found this bug initially in my Super Check Point game. I thought that the footsteps sound that I was using was broken, then I reuploaded the same sound file and still no response. Then I decided to go in random games if the same thing happened and still, it keeps happening. I hope they find a way to fix this.

So you don’t hear sounds from the server in studio only right? This is actually normal behavior, made to match up with how an actual game server works (server does not actually play sounds, but instead just replicates things like position and volume to clients). If you want to hear server sounds in studio go to File -> Settings… -> Studio -> find the audio category and change the Server Audio Behavior to Enabled from OnlineGame.

Nonono, you misunderstood me right? What I meant for server, I meant when playing in Online mode you can’t hear any walking sound. But when you’re in studio you can hear them.
All the sounds in the games work fine and perfectly. But the thing that is odd is the walking from the Sound script. The games doesn’t seem to have a walking sound, even when you change the soundId. That’s why I say it’s a minor bug. (Sorry, my translation is not accurate.) I have it now in Enabled mode and nothing’s changed. I even asked some people if they couldn’t hear the sounds when I was playing online. Could it be a bug when using the Humanoid.Running event ?