Minor Changes to VehicleSeat Controller

Notice: This change is now active. Please report any issues in this thread, thanks!

Hi Developers,

A couple months ago, we requested volunteersto help us test minor changes to Vehicleseat controller. In case you missed it, here is a quick recap:

We have noticed one of the issues preventing devs from switching to the new PGS physics solver is using the VehicleSeat controller. The VehicleSeat allows you to quickly make cars and other simple vehicles without the need to write any code. It has been used in a variety of games for years.

We’ve made some tweaks that make the VehicleSeat run a lot smoother when using the PGS solver, and prevented models with super high torques from exploding. Previously, when using the VehicleSeat controller with the PGS solver, the vehicles could have shaking or bouncing wheels, and even this:

Now, this behavior shouldn’t happen.

However, there is a large variety of possible vehicles that can be made using the automatic VehicleSeat controller, so we are looking for some volunteers to help beta test these changes. If you are using VehicleSeat controllers in your game, please share your PlaceID below to test this feature. We’ll announce here when the change will be enabled. Once enabled, you will also want to make sure your place is using the PGS solver. After that please let us know if you run into any problems!

Note: This change does NOT effect just having a VehicleSeat in your game for input purposes on your own controller, only if you are using the surface hinge wheel automatic controller.


The following place uses the hinge wheel automatic controller: 883338831
P.S. our chassis set up (aka the vehicleseats) is a bit weird as we wanted to replicate a few different features

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We plan to activate the change to the places listed on Monday, and the activate globally later that week if no problems come up.

Would like to see this place be apart of the update to see how it goes. (ID: 194788434)

Currently, using the settings from Legacy, the cars will top out at ~40 sps even though maxspeed is set for 300 sps. Upping the torque makes the cars bounce like you said, so hoping that is fixed.

As you can see in this video from playing in Studio. Car is limited on speed, and then when I up the torque is bucks and kicks all over the place, but reaches higher speeds.


I have a few I’d like to test.





I would like to test this at 556291116

Ok the change has now been activated. Make sure you now have TemporaryLegayPhysicsSolverOverride off on your place.
You may want to adjust the speed and torque property values on your vehicles if you noticed differences in their speed/acceleration. Make sure you edit the published place in Studio to do this. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

With the same settings as legacy still applied at my place, the speed is now even lower. Cars running at about 30 sps, rather than 40. Upping the torque again allows for those higher speeds, and much less kicking around of the car this time around. Really solid. :slight_smile:

No immediate problems noticed. Does appear to fix the main issue of bouncing the cars all over!


Great! So you were able to achieve the speeds you wanted after increasing torque, and without the consequence of bouncing? Is is sufficient enough to have your game use the PGS solver?

Kinda sorta. It’s lacking many problems of the past, but the way the cars drive to be able to reach the speeds I want makes the cars feel twitchy. Kinda like a too sensitive sort of state. This particular car is difficult anyways, so I’d probably just need to tweak it a ton, but it’s a step in the right direction at least. Will get more feedback from my community though, and see what they all think about it.

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Everything seems fine on my end. Need to increase the torque values of my cars to about halfway between where they were without PGS vs now with PGS to get them to drive how I want them to, but everything behaves as expected.

Glad this was in the right direction. If there seem to be no other concerns we will activate this on all places on Thursday.

Happy to say ive found no bugs or anything with it and it does exactly what its suppose to!

The change is now active for all places!

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Thanks for the notice! Cant wait to try out the feature.

Okay, this is epic.