Minor errors and inaccuracies on ClearCharacterAppearance documentation

Along with a formatting error for the note (subheader is not registered presumably because of a space missing between the markdown tag and the header text), the information on this page is outdated or otherwise incorrect. Quick rundown:

  • Hat is deprecated and should be replaced with Accessory, the current standard for attaching hats/other worn items to the player. If there are still accessories that have not been converted from the Hat class and accuracy is important, Accoutrement should be linked instead so it’s known that ClearCharacterAppearance will also destroy hats.

  • Faces shouldn’t be linked here. Faces is a datatype, which character faces are not. This should either go to the Decal page or remain unlinked. It may be optionally better to link the decal page above in a side note that the face is a decal instance in the character’s head.


Thank you for the report! I’ve just placed this on our backlog, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can :slight_smile:

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