[Minor] Game descriptions

This is really minor, yet can be really annoying, when you take your time to make a really nice description, including a lot of info, then save, the description gets really messed up, I tried re-doing it many times but still the same thing.

It also censors out completely fine words when it gets "messed up"

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Hi Klighter,

When you clicked the “New Thread” button on this category, you should have gotten a template in your editor similar to the steps described here:

When creating a bug report in the future, please make sure you always follow these steps in the greatest possible detail. This bug report that you wrote here is not really clear nor unambiguous, and does not give enough details about the bug that you claim you found.

Aside from that, please be aware that we have a dedicated thread for reporting filter problems:

I would advise you to take your issue there instead. Explanations on what you should post there are given in the first post of the thread. Make sure to include exactly what was filtered that shouldn’t have been!

I hope this helps!


As Buildthomas said, please use this thread to report issues with text filtering.