Minor Issue: Chrono helms have inconsistent grammar & casing

I checked out the minor catalog asset report thread (like typos, grammar) and it doesn’t appear to be maintained anymore, not having much activity in recent years, so I’m making a sort of megapost for all of the issues of these items by Roblox.

There’s some issues grammatically with the Chrono war helm series by Roblox.

Issue #1: Noctis

Chrononoctis has a space in its name before the colon, which isn’t grammatically correct, and is inconsistent with the rest of the series. Its description also lacks proper capitalization with the rest of the series, notably the first Chrono helm.


Issue #2: Chronew

Chronoinitium has the same issue as Noctis, where the description isn’t properly capitalized.


Issue #3: Chronold

Being the first war helm in the series by Roblox, it appears that ‘the’ in the name is mistakenly not capitalized.

Expected behavior

I’m hoping that the descriptions & names can be updated so each of them are more consistent with each other! Super minor issues, but I’d like to have these in the backlog nonetheless.

Edit has been made. Typing in more words since there’s a 30 word min.


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