Minor Issue - Lag Reduction

Hello, me as a fellow developer know how much we all try to fight lag. So I decided to share my discovery, in case people have not discovered this themselves, in case they make their games in nontraditional ways like I have done.

In my game, I would normally keep the character model separated from the player model. My reasoning to this was that I enjoyed having reflectance beyond 1 for characters, as these effects where no doubt, cool.

However earlier today I have discovered this issue with this. It seemed to lag up the lighting engine twicefold on my end (though I must say I do not know how this will impact everyone else).

Here are some screen grabs to show the difference on the character model in the player model, and vice versa.

Img1: Character Model Seperate from Player Model.
4.6 Milliseconds

Img2: Character Model Inside Player Model
2.6 Milliseconds

This, though could be a very uncommon issue, should be an issue that many devs know in case they did what I did. Which was separate the character model from the player model, to obtain cooler reflectance.

Hope this helps someone out there or at least informs someone of this issue that they may of not know.

Have a nice day,


Iā€™m not quite sure what you mean by this, could you elaborate more please?


Instead of keeping all the player model objects, such as mesh parts you would weld to said player, inside of the player model (with the humanoid object), I would keep it in a separate model elsewhere on the workspace.

The reason to this is that when an object is with a humanoid object, its reflectance gets limited to 1, whereas if the part is separated it can go past one.