Mintie's Official Handbook


Mintie’s Handbook

Greetings, and welcome to the official Mintie’s Handbook! Within this document, you can find the interview guide, training guide, admin guide, staff guide, and guest guide.

Please review the following key to find the section you are looking for.


  • Section 1 - Role Information
  • Section 2 - Guest Guide
  • Section 3 - Staff Guide
  • Section 4 - Admin Guide
  • Section 5 - Interview Guide
  • Section 6 - Training Guide
  • Section 7 - Alliance Information


Section 1

Rank Information

Within this guide you can find the role descriptions for each role. If you have any further questions feel free to message a President.

Visitor Ranks

  • 1 | Guest - Our guests. You keep the cafe running smoothly and are to not troll. If you do troll, you will be given 3 warnings before being kicked.
  • X | Suspended - A staff member who has violated our rules. They will be ranked to this rank for a certain amount of days before being ranked back.
  • 2 | Valued Guest - A former MR+ or allied representatives.

Low Ranks

  • 3 | Trainee - A staff member who passed applications or interviews. They are awaiting to be trained.
  • 4 | Novice Chef - A staff member who has been trained. They are now able to work behind the counter!
  • 5 | Chef - A staff member who has achieved 200 points.
  • 6 | Master Chef - A staff member who has been to a Staff Training.

Middle Ranks

  • 7 | Head Chef - A staff member who has shown dedication towards the group and has been noticed by a Senior Executive and above.
  • 8 | Executive Assistant - A staff member who has been promoted from Head Chef. They are able to spectate sessions and host shifts.
    *9 | Executive - A staff member who has been promoted from Executive Assistant. They are able to train/interview in sessions and host shifts.
  • 10 | Senior Executive - A staff member who has been promoted from Senior Executive. They are able to host sessions.

High Ranks

  • 11 | Operations Management - The first rank of our High Rank team. This staff member is in charge of any events that happens at Mintie’s.
  • 12 | Staff Management - This staff member is in charge of all lower staff. They make sure that there are no conflicts and everything is running smoothly through the staff team.
  • 13 | Executive Management - This staff member is in charge of the MRs and HRs. They make decisions for the group and make sure that all lower staff members are doing their job correctly.
  • 14 | Board of Directors - This staff member is a Superior Ranks assistant and can call Staff Meetings and reports any problems to the Superior staff members.

Superior Ranks

  • 15 | Developer - Our developers. They make the cafe and are chosen by the Chairmen or the Head of Development.
  • 16 | Vice Chairman - The chairman’s vice. They carry out quests for the Chairmen.
  • 17 | Chairman - Mintie’s founders.
  • 18 | Executive Chairman - The holder account that grants the 3 chairmen access to it.

Rank Cooldowns

  • Middle Ranks - 2 weeks.
  • High Ranks - A month.
  • Superior Ranks - 3 months.
Section 2

Guest Guide

This will be the rules/guide for all visitors. As a guest you are expected to follow all rules listed below including trolling and things of that nature. This does not retain to staff members, only guests. Yet, this is crucial for LR’s that can refer to the rules of guests so they can give out appropriate warnings.


Trolling is almost never acceptable. The only instances where Trolling can happen is:

  • A. Approval from a Superior Rank
  • B. You want to be banned.

The list below provides you with the instances considered Trolling, which can be handled with a kick or a ban.

  1. Cursing or doing inappropriate things. IMMEDIATE BAN!
  2. Coming to Mintie’s with a large sum of people who have ridiculous requests.
  3. Dressing in a bad manner, this means mix-and-match Rthro with intentions to disgust other players.
  4. Assaulting and/or insulting staff members.


Never is Exploiting or glitching allowed. If an HR so much as sees an accidental Script Injection you will be permanently banned without warning. Glitching is a bit different though. If you accidentally glitch into a staff area just reset and all is good. Alas, many don’t do this. If we find you trolling in a staff area or purposefully glitching you will be banned.

Section 3

Coming soon.

Section 4

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Section 5

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Section 6

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Section 7

Coming soon.

Important Links

Thank you for taking the time to read this over. If you have any more questions or concerns, contact a Superior Rank.

Best regards,
Founders of Mintie’s

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