MiracleDrops Photoshoot Game Credits

:video_game: Game Design:

Creative Director: MiracleDrops

:scroll: Programmer:

Lead Programmer: MILLENNlA

:hammer: Builder:

Lead Builder: magicalized
Assistant Builder: StrapCode

:hammer: Realm Builder:

Aesthetic Loft: MustacheJoey
Belongings of Volta: Magicalized
Cozy Cottage: Buildite
Cup o’ Joe Cafe: Magicalized
Ephidia: Magicalized
Forest of Colors: ArsaMate
Land of Blossomia: Magicalized
Promised Land: c6in
The Netherworld: c6in

Winter Wonderland: Magicalized

:art: UI Artist:

Lead Artist: MILLENNlA

:brick: Asset Modelers:

Lead Modeler: MiracleDrops
Assistant Modeler: Lukacors
Assistant Modeler: Magicalized


Lead Animator: SStarxy
Assistant Animator: Shapic2

:blush:Face Designs:

Lead Artist: dearbeaa
Assistant Artist: MahaIo

:sparkles: Special Thanks:

I would like to personally thank all of the UGC creators and designers that allowed me to use their amazing creations in my game. Then, another special thanks to Amelytic for creating the NPC designs. Finally, I would like to thank all of the makeup artists who are allowing me to use their make up in our in-game catalog. I would also like to thank you for playing the game! :purple_heart:

:pushpin: Additional Information:

If you are a UGC creator or clothing designer that would like to have your creations in game please shoot me a direct message Via. Twitter.


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