Mirroring meshes/unions

I am currently making a hull for a ship and now i am trying to mirror this mesh. Is there any way i can do that since the stravant reflect plugin doesnt seem to work at all.


Hi there!
Before I can offer advice, is this a mesh you made in Blender or any other other 3D modelling software?

(Heads up - Reflect will not invert meshes to do what you want it to do.)

Whenever I have made planes, I always make one wing then use blender to reflect it for the other one. This video will show how to mirror in Blender using a wing as an example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9BmJqhHfqQ

The reason the stravant reflect plugin is not able to reflect / mirror your mesh is because it only works with parts. Description of plugin :

Does NOT work with MeshParts, as there’s no way to scale a MeshPart’s mesh right now, you’ll have to manually reupload meshes flipped if you want flipped copies of them.

I would mirror the mesh while still in blender before uploading it to roblox. AviaByte posted a good tutorial for you above.

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There is a plugin that could help mirroring your hull part, if it’s an union, however if your hull is was meshed, you could only mirror it on the respective program you used to create it, and import the mirrored part in ROBLOX.