Mirrors #5 feedback

So its been another month of working on my game and I can tell my game is going to need a lot of refining but that is when I get the levels of done and the story to polish and tune the game So far I have added another two rooms it doesn’t seem like much but I spent a lot of time thinking of how the game is going to play out. Here is a picture of an unfinished room but will be done soon:

The whole idea about this game is your the player are transported to a series of rooms and you come along to get out of these rooms. The idea is that Boredom is what caused the player to get transported to these rooms and that through these rooms the player can learn to stop it.Both the player and the Narrator/Player learn from each other

  • The whole game is based on that little story so what do you think? Also, the reason why the game uses a plain plastic texture is that I wanted a simple look that would go along with the game. Also, I think soon Im going to need someone to test how long to beat the game because it is a short story and each room will save your progress. Besides that does this seem good so far?