Misleading Rarity Percentage

I’m not entirely sure why no one posted about this before as its been a thing for ages now :stuck_out_tongue: a friend showed it to me and got me thinking…

The badges right now say: “Rarity % (Level of rarity)” However…

Here it says “Rarity 100%” … see when I see that I think dang this must be super rare!! “100% rare” but on the contrary its 100% FREEEEEEE… sooo yea maybe fix that?


Basically changing the word “Rarity” to “Obtainability” would make sense with the current percentage thing. Because yea, a rarity of 0% shouldn’t be (Impossible), because 0% rare means 0% hard to get, meaning its not hard to get and its a freebie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I like it the way it is now. I feel like if they were to change it so the bigger the number the rarer, it would ruin the overall “wow” effect you get from seeing those badges at low percentages.


Should be changed to “obtainability” and keep the percent.

I have to agree, yes maybe it doesn’t make sense at all for us more grown up people, but when you think about it there’s a lot kids playing Roblox and therfore the current way it’s done works perfectly as they understand it, to some point atleast.

Is there any point with that percentage? I never look at it, I really don’t feel like we need it anymore.


When I was playing Apocalypse Rising, I was looking at the badges and the percentage of the badge motivated me to get the rarest badges.

Right but wouldn’t just the count of the people who’ve gotten the badge could lead to the same motivation?

Yes but you don’t know how much players play a game each day. Let’s take Jailbreak’s MVP badge for example.

The rarity is 0.0%(Impossible) when I was a kid I was only looking at that number. Young players will feel motivated and they will join the game to try to get this badge.

Same for the old version of my game, there was a badge that was hard to get and players were try harding to get it.

I only find benefit to keep the percentage like that even if it’s misleading.

Changing it to Obtainability still gives you the same motivation though, and its not misleading.

Oh yeah I agree I was thinking you wanted to remove the percentage feature. My bad

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I wish I could set the rarity or percentage myself instead of it being assigned through unknown means.

Right now rarity is calculated by how many unique users have earned the badge versus all-time unique players.

Solution to this is to change it to calculate how many unique users have earned the badge versus how many unique users have visited after badge creation.


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