Missing a specific model while trying to overwrite existing asset

I’m trying to upload a ModuleScript which contains my game’s framework to the following model:

When viewing my models on the website, this model appears at the end of page 2 with some specific models relative to it:

Upon looking at this in the model uploader though… it doesn’t appear to show up:

I can’t update my game’s framework without manually doing a POST request to upload the model.
I hope my description of the issue here can be reproduced and fixed!

My UserId: 2032622

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Is your ModuleScript a Package?
Package in Model will never be shown in updating model. I’ve tried it and never shown into my existing model which mean package wasn’t there.

It shouldn’t be, as far as I’m aware.
The fork that I fetched to work on it did not have a PackageLink.

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Despite the lack of a PackageLink, I can confirm the problem came down to the model being converted to a package. The uploaded version did not have a PackageLink so it didn’t occur to me this was the situation. My bad!


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