Missing arguments in functions doesn't warn

Functions that contain an argument now don’t have a warning listed in script analysis or script editor that they’re missing a argument - previous update would do this, not on 0.483.

Running studio on version 0.483.1.425021 (64bit).


Can you check if you still have “scripts are non-strict by default” beta enabled?

It’s enabled. I’ve turned it off, and this same issue is still showing - no warning that an argument is missing.

Can you also share the contents of Script Analysis view? Want to make sure it doesn’t have any lines that say smth about the internal error and disabling type checking.

This should only show up with the non-strict script beta enabled to be clear.

When you have the beta feature enabled, can you run the following in the command bar and report back the output?


Yea, warnings now show when the beta is enabled - otherwise they do not:

@Subcritical_alt Here is what my output says,

Flag LuauNonStrictByDefault referenced from Lua isn't defined in C++ code (?)

Sorry, the last one should have been


Ok - that is expected behavior then (these only show up with beta enabled or in scripts with explicit --!nonstrict annotations). So it sounds like something happened with the beta status for you before disabling and reenabling it maybe…

Printing print(game:GetFastFlag("LuauNonStrictByDefaultBetaFeature")) returns true.

Probably, I haven’t fiddled with the beta features after I discovered this bug after updating studio - anyway, thank you.

Sorry, it looks like we missed this particular beta feature in an internal refactor, so it got reset to default. Re-enabling the beta feature like @zeuxcg mentioned will return you to the previous behavior


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