Missing Asset Thumbnails in Catalogue View

Doing my uploads today I noticed some assets were missing their thumbnails in catalogue view ((scroll down my latest items and you will notice a couple without thumbnails, such as the “pinstripe sombrero” and “night sky sunhat” though when you go to the item page it will show a 2d view… which indicates the thumbnail data is there?)

This also happened to a previous items of mine 😃 Blocky Headless Suit 😃 - Roblox , though I had thought it was a one off thing and moved on.

Expected behavior

The thumbnail should show in the catalogue view with other assets in the shop.


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


Problem should be rectified (or should rectify after a few more loads) - we’ve been doing work on the thumbnails system, and when it’s under increased load sometimes a thumbnail will fail to render (but will render later when another session attempts to view it). We expect this to improve over the next few weeks. Let me know if this has further problems