Missing Crown of O's

After reading a while on the devforum, I have seen many posts about this topic, but none of them fix my issue.

In a game studio I work with for developing games, there are 2 games that qualify devs to receive crowns, but none of the devs have received crowns since the start of the dev awards program. I have seen posts saying only the group owner receives the crowns, but the same issue happens to the group owner.

Screenshot 2024-07-07 183949

I also own a game that reached 1k MAU around the time when the program started a few years ago, yet I haven’t even been awarded the bombastic crown yet.

I have tried sending a support ticket about this issue, but I always get told the crowns get rewarded every 3 months to qualifying devs, and to email devawards if I qualify and haven’t received the crowns. Any emails sent to devawards never get responded to.

Any suggestions on what I can do to finally get the devs these missing crowns?

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Unfortunately, there’s very little we can do as individuals. Roblox seems to have given up on actually going through the list of eligible developers to award the Crowns, or are doing it once a blue moon.

Crowns were just rewarded last month to lots of users. Unfortunately, nobody on the dev team got any.

Yeah, it’s really a game of chance. We aren’t able to do much except to just wait.

Update: The owner of the dev studio has received their 2 missing crowns, but it seems none of the other devs has gotten any yet.


It’s just a long waiting game tbh.

Roblox only awards crowns to the owners of the experience not the devs. It specifically says that in the dev awards post in the FAQ.

Even then I should still get the bombastic crown from when a game of mine reached 1.2k+ mau a few weeks after the dev awards program started.

I do feel that this info is no longer true, while yes nothing has been officially confirmed that all devs of a game get the crowns, but recently have seen developers in big dev studios getting crowns for games in that group. There’s a possibility that has just started, and there hasn’t been an official announcement yet.

For sure a lot is no longer valid I don’t think they even check the email they mention to contact in the FAQ, I have contacted it and have not gotten a response or even a email saying they received it. I just wish Roblox would give current and true information and follow up with the information they have given so we are not wasting our time reaching out to dead emails they no longer check.