Missing parts on my build


part that were there yesterday are gone today. The parts are there i can highlight them but i cant see them.

i tired ununioning them re adding the textures


Unions run really weird like that and that has happened to me several times. What I did was I ununioned them, published the place to a new game, and then re-unioned them there. That seemed to work for me.


If that was a union then it sounds like it’s been corrupted.

You can follow this tutorial to try to recover them, or if you’re in a hurry, you can simply revert your game back to a previous version.

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i dont know how it would of gotten corrupted.

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Unions are notoriously unreliable when it comes to corruption.

I’ve noticed it happens more commonly for larger, more complex unions. The only way I’m aware of how to counteract this is to save your unions in a separate game, so if it corrupts in your main game you can quickly replace it. There are likely other methods, but this is the one I use.

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Yep, exactly. Like Soup said, just make a new game and republish your game to a different start place, and for whatever reason that’ll seem to work. Corruptions are common.


i dont really understand could i add you to the place to help me?

If you go to File → Publish To Roblox To → Create New Game

It didnt work i saved it to a new game and the parts are still missing.

You made sure to ununion the parts prior to creating a new game?

yeah i did and they all disappeared like i couldn’t highlight them

Did you remove all of the Union operations from the corrupted Unions, or did you just Separate them one time?
If you did a bunch of Unioning on one item and the first Union operation was the one that was corrupted, I believe everything after that’ll disappear when you save, leave and then return to the place.

The only thing I can point out from this problem, is you might probably didnt saved your last-made progress, I’m not sure though

next time, don’t union large sections of your build, keep the parts as parts and group them into a model. Only do unions for small parts where you need a special shape I think. The only way to recover the corrupted union I think is to revert to an older save file with the union then copy it and revert to your newest save, then paste.