Missing parts when importing to Roblox from Blender

I just recently finished designing my roblox UGC hat accessory. I exported the blender file to roblox and it is disfigured. I have been searching everywhere but cannot seem to find a solution.

I am not sure why this happened and why the middle part of this cap is missing.

Blender Screenshot:


Roblox Screenshot:

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Check the normals of your mesh.

You can do this by going into edit mode, opening the viewport tab, scrolling down to “Normals” and clicking the third small button.

Enabling this will make blue lines appear from your mesh.

An inverted face will have the blue line pointing in the wrong direction.

(Note how every other blue line is pointing out)

You can fix these inverted faces by selecting the inverted face, pressing ALT+N at the same time, and then clicking “Flip”

(Normal has been corrected)

If that doesn’t fix it, you’ll probably have to remake that face on the model. Try splitting it into as good amount of segments, and make them approximately shaped like a triangle or rectangle.

You’ll want your meshes edges/verticies/wahtever to look something like this:

I followed your steps and I enabled Face Orientation. Everything is red and on the inside its blue.

Okay So I just re-made the cap part of the hat and it worked now. Thanks!


For anyone searching for this themselves… red is the opposite of what color the faces should be! The outside should be blue and the inside red with face orientation on.