Missing rbxthumb Parameter

Issue Description

There is a missing “filters” parameter on the rbxthumb:// documentation. You can do filters=circular to get a circular image, which can be extremely useful in UIs especially with AvatarHeadshots. It’s quite annoying to have to find this parameter as it doesn’t even have an intuitive name that I can easily remember.

Issue Area: Documentation Content
Page URL: Asset Types | Roblox Creator Documentation


Use a UICorner? Can’t you just use a UICorner, or am I missing something?

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In some situations it is more ideal to have Roblox render the thumbnail as round rather than messing with UI corners. Why add a UI corner when you can simply add a little line of text to get the image you want?


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Hi again,
We’ve updated the cited page with the “filters” parameter. Thanks again for the report!


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