MissShu's Commission

Here’s the recent commission I did for MissShu! I always accept constructive criticism! Have a nice night!



This is dope, how much do you charge?

Hey man I really like your artwork :slight_smile:

But I think instead of creating a new thread for each new piece you make, that you should just have one central thread that you update with new artwork :slight_smile:

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ok cool! good idea!

500 robux! (sorry for the late reply)

I’ll buy one from you for 1.5k robux keep the change fam. But seriously let me get one of my current avatar

om ok! add me on discord justcallmezac#9554

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Added you, its from marcus760#4805

Personal opinion; you should charge more. If I was willing to buy, I’d pay leagues more than 500 Robux for something of this quality. Would in fact pay in CAD for it.

oh thanks! do you have any ideas of the robux i would charge?

If you want to go Robux, I’d go above 7.5-10k, possibly 20k depending on the time, effort and end product that’s displayed. It’d probably push people away to request due to high pricing but such a quality is not worthy of being underpayed a mere 500 Robux.

awe ok thanks!