MistahTwist | Male Voice Actor

I have temporarily removed this post to improve my portfolio. Thank you.


I really like your voice but i cant hired and i dont have anything you to work on


I love your voice, good job!!! :grin:

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I’m interested, but you changed your username.

Feel free to add me!

Hello, if you are still available for hire I’d be interested in hearing an announcer voice sample similar to the Destiny 2 crucible character Shaxx, or you put your own spin on a character you would find great.

My discord is TechSpectrum#2620

Hey, I’m trying to do a single-player choice-based game and your voice would be fitting for a teacher character called Mr. Miller! Please add me in the discord with the tag Zlurm#6188 and join the group in advance since I will be playing with R$.