Mistakes on the forum, and how we should correct them

With the large influx of new members on the forum, many people are doubting the developer nature of these new members, which is absolutely fine and everyone and anyone is allowed to be sceptic, but one of the issues I feel is the treatment of many new members isn’t satisfactory in terms of behaviour on the platform and forums. One of the big issues is with the pricing of commissions and posting in the wrong locations.

Now the second one is learnable but for a new member of the forums, the first one may be harder to grasp. And I see all too often that members dwell on members who’ve accidentally posted in the wrong area or who aren’t asking for a fair price. Many of these comments are fine but some aren’t. I see all too often in long threads on someone charging the wrong price or something similar that underneath the blanket of posts is a relatively rude and insulting comment. And personally, these kinds of comments are what make people leave the forums and think of it poorly. Many people who could learn from a mistake end up being attacked over it to the point of embarrassment. I think that in a community of developers we should look out for these and stop them as they heavily hamper progression and interests of new members. There is nothing wrong with constructively criticising someone and telling them how to progress forward but actively trying to be mean or to even insult someone is not a good standard, and it’s not a hard thing to fix.

Overall, on the forum, we see new members every day, many make mistakes and that’s where the community should come in to help. I would say the vast majority of members have messed up at least once, but it’s not the mistake that’s important but how to fix it. And we as a community should fix problems rather than making the original poster feel bad and discourage further use of the forums.


I agree, when people say, oh, I’m hiring a UI a designer to do blah blah blah and blah blah blah, but I’m paying 500 ROBUX, I see people start attacking the person who posted it, I would link but it got taken down, people need to work together, not argue.


As a new member, I don’t feel comfortable posting things here as I feel like it may break some rule and I may get mocked for it. I have a question that is in draft but I currently feel like it would break a rule saying that you can’t ask people to design a system for you or script an entire thing for you. (My question is a road abiding self-driving car system. The question itself is pretty long with me having a bunch is sub areas explaining my solution ideas and questions I have.)

Users who may post unfair prices should really only get a friendly reminder that their prices are not considered “fair”. If one person says that the price is unfair, just leave the post alone. You don’t want them to be embarrassed


I feel the exact same way, I feel like if I say something dumb I’ll get maked fun of it by people . It’s happened before.


“Smart: making a mistake and learning from it. Insanity: making the same mistake and expecting different results.” - Sbob/Albert Einstein

If you make a mistake the community should help you instead of mock you. That being said, repeating the same mistake is not being intelligent.


This post should have a TL;DR.

Anyways, in my cases, I have sometimes attempted to signal the new members to take precaution on their first mistake. I have been PMing some people who has failed to follow the standards and given them guides and highlighting what they should reflect about. Since this post raised some awareness, I should probably keep an eye out for these rookies(and help them out).

Yes, I find some people making fun of the new member’s post. Ignore any post that seems out of place and flag those which breaks the rules. Here’s a protip:
Always search the forum for help. If you can’t find it or information unclear, create the topic.

Also external sources such as Google, Wikipedia and other forms of sites that have relevant information should also aid your requirements.


Agreed! If you see someone making a mistake, you should politely let them know a better alternative instead of shaming and belittling them. Everyone starts somewhere!


I agree.

People saying that others aren’t paying enough really ticks me off.

People are limited in their funds and are giving as much as they can. If your standards are higher than just ignore the offer.

Also, for people like me, a 200R$ commission would make me very happy. Not everybody has an RAP of hundreds of thousands.


Some people are content with less than you are.


What most people don’t have is open mindedness. There are a lot of people on the forums who would say anything to put a post down simply because a member didn’t have a better way to compose his/her post. I think it would be more professional to give suggestions to improve the post via PRIVATE MESSAGE instead of further destroying the post on the post itself. There’s no reason other members have to rub it in new members’ faces that they are inexperienced, it’s the entirety of why new members are in that position in the first place.

I understand that new members and I as a new member commits some mistakes from time to time, and I would understand that people have different view points than I do, it’s ok to disagree, but not to the point that you would say things like “That’s so dumb of you to post something like this, no one will like this.”, “You obviously don’t have a single clue on what you’re saying, you’re useless.” These things hurt new members so much. I read posts like these almost everyday and it makes me so infuriated. You can disagree to an extent, but please consider at least one word of what a post says. The forum is meant to teach everyone, not to show off who’s the best of them all.

This is not a rant, this is the reality.


I have the opposite problem. I have New Members telling me how I should be coding and then insisting I am wrong with a certain APIs calls for example and then after wasting all my time trying to tell them, no you are wrong, they finally agree. New Members have a HUGE ISSUE OF NOT READING BEFORE THEY POST. I’m happy we finally have a character limit on post because the low quality “This is cool” post are finally gone.

Also the fact that the Development Support categories are completely muted by me now since people can’t seem to use the search feature and instead spam the same kind of help threads half the time screwing up my “Latest” post sort.


I don’t see posts this blunt and inappropriate very often. If they do pop up they don’t live very long. You should be flagging posts that outright attack OP. I’m not sure where you’re getting these examples from though. The most guilty category for intense criticism is collaboration, but even then I rarely see posts as rude as your examples.

However, I do agree that derailing a thread to tell someone their post has incorrect information, is in the wrong category, is worded poorly, or that they made a formatting error is better suited to a private message. Messages like that tend to pile up and are awful to scroll past.

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One or two weeks ago I saw a full Member complaining about a commission he didn’t even payed for under the portfolio of the guy he hired. It makes me so angry to see someone publicly complain about other peoples work just beause they them self could do it better. In other words some full Members are just as unexperienced and imature as many New Members. In my eyes everyone should be complaining privately.

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I made a topic with three surveys, and two of the surveys regard New Members.