Various Suggestions and Surveys

Ever since the update allowing users to post on the Developer Forum just by utilizing it came, there has been less grammar usage. Out of 1 - 3, please show how you feel about this, 1 as in it has not bothered you, 3 as in it has bothered you.

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  • 2
  • 3

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The tutorial with @discobot forces you to upload and image and build a poll. Completing this tutorial before reaching New Member stage is not possible without skipping those two segments, as a user must become a New Member to do those commands. Has this bothered you?

  • Yes, I had to skip that segment
  • I tried finding loopholes, it kind of bothered me
  • I took the tutorial once reaching the New Member role

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Ever since the New Member update was released, the #public-collaboration category hasn’t been the same, with false calls of free models, people claiming to create 100% of the showcased work while they may use free models, off-topic conversation and often confusion between #public-collaboration:public-recruitment and #public-collaboration:public-portfolios. Do you agree with this statement?

  • Yes, I indeed do
  • Kind of, to some extent
  • No, not at all.

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Important Notice

The update allowing users to gain permission just from utilizing the Developer Forum is amazing, and creates big collaborative opportunity. This update also expands the Developer Forum and evolves its community. I am, in no way trying to abolish this update.


Your topic is titled “Suggestions and surveys”, yet I see no suggestions. What’s the point of this topic?


The “Survey” part - The three polls
The “Suggestions” part - Trying to make the DevForum team fix these issues

If you think surveys like these don’t make sense, I’ve seen a survey by a Roblox staff.
Actually, there’s a few surveys.

When you say

I think you’re trying to say this topic has no purpose because of the title, or is there another reason you didn’t include in your post?