Introducing Mivel!
Hello everyone! Today I want to present to you my new discord bot that allows you to take control of your entire discord with cool commands and cool features!

Mivel offers a wide variety of commands that include:

  • Moderation Commands
  • Suggestion System
  • Ticket System
  • Server-Stats-System which is fully integrated with roblox meaning you can add common stats like the number of players playing your game or the amount of members in your group!
  • Meme Command-Daily updated memes that bring you joy
  • Welcome system that welcomes new users to your server!
  • Verification system that allows users to link their roblox account with their discord account!
  • And so much more!

Now you might be asking yourself, what is Mivel?
Mivel is a roblox integrated discord bot that takes care of all of your server needs! Whether you need moderation commands or general commands, Mivel has you covered. Running a discord server can be difficult! Especially choosing which bots to use. I have tried creating servers before. However, I always was frustrated when choosing bots for such basic tasks. Mivel offers so many commands all built into one discord bot. It uses the new efficient discord API allowing it to have intuitive slash commands which allow your users to easily interact and navigate your server!

Mivel is completely FREE!
I decided that my bot is completely free to the public! Now you might be asking, “why is it free?” Well, my goal is to make the discord experience easier for everyone! Sometimes, paid bots can be cool, but ask yourself, “is it really worth paying $10 a month for something that offers simple commands?” My simple answer is no and that is why I present to you Mivel, a bot with all inclusive feature for FREE!

How do I add this bot to my server?
Click on the link down below to be redirected to a bot invite page. Select the server you would like to add Mivel to and press authorize! You are done! You can now enjoy Mivel and all of its features!

Have questions?
Join my discord server if you have any questions or any bugs that you may have found. We are also a nice community if you want to chat with me or other members!

Thank you for showing interest in Mivel! I hope you enjoy the features provided!


Nice bot! I will add out to my server as soon as I can! I will let you know how it goes later on!

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Thank you so much! If you have any questions, feel free to join my server or send me a message! Hope you enjoy!

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Quick update!

  • Fixed some minor bugs with the verification system and safe chat on roblox!
  • Improved command usage so it’s more straight forward!
  • Included an instruction dm on how to use the bot for new users!
  • Fixed group stats not updating properly!

Thanks for all the support! Hope you enjoy!


  • Made several ui changes
  • Made the commands info easier to read and more in depth with descriptions for new users
  • Added emojis to each command to enhance user experience
  • Added new command to view which games/groups you are tracking
  • Added a new embed command which allows you to embed your messages!

Add Mivel!

New ui:

Small Update

  • Made a new setup system that make commands easier to user!
  • Implemented ui buttons for links!
  • Fixed tracking features!
  • Worked out some small text bugs


  • Implemented new setup feature!
  • Easier to add stats to your server
  • Fixed bugs that prevented bot from responding to some commands

Add Mivel:

Is the bot verified?

and is it open sourced?

It is not verified yet. Hope to get it verified in a couple of months :slight_smile:

I will be open sourcing it sometime this week. Just haven’t got the chance yet

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  • Added new random roblox game feature for those of you who can’t decide on which game to play!
  • Fixed bugs and updated certain text for commands!

Add Mivel:

Join the discord:

Demo Video: Mivel | Promotion System - YouTube

  • New Feature-Promotion system/Now you have the option to advertise servers, games, and groups! This is amazing for small communities that are trying to grow!
  • Fixed some small bugs!

Add Mivel:

Join the discord:

Small update! Now whenever you join a server with Mivel, if you were previously verified, you are not required to verify again! This makes the verify process even easier!

Major Update
Reaction roles are now live!
Go check out the new feature now!
Demo Video: Mivel | Reaction Role Demo - YouTube

Add Mivel:
Add Mivel Discord Bot | The #1 Discord Bot List (top.gg)

Join the discord:
Mivel’s Server (discord.com)

This is actually a really good bot! Going to be using this in more of my discord servers!

Thank you so much for the feedback! If you want to join the server to see a road map of the bot, the link is above

Auto Role Update Now Out

Add Mivel!
Add Mivel Discord Bot | The #1 Discord Bot List (top.gg)

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New Update
Starboard feature is now available on Mivel!

Add Mivel:
Add Mivel Discord Bot | The #1 Discord Bot List (top.gg)

Roblox Down Detector
The roblox down detector is here! Use Mivel’s commands to check if roblox is up and running! You can do this straight from your server!
Add for Mivel:

Vote for Mivel:

Is this open source? I noticed you mentioned it a few weeks ago but it doesn’t seem you did. Otherwise, great bot

So an issue with putting the bot on github is that my hosting platform has cancelled their support for github. 2 weeks ago, github had a data leak and the hosting platform refuses to accept github integration until it’s fixed. Once that is fixed up, I will release the source code. Sorry