Mixamo Importing Problem

Hello I’m having issues trying to import Mixamo animations onto my R15 Rig. I just keep getting this error.

I exported my rig using the Blender Plugin on roblox, Imported it into blender, Exported it again with the armature, Then it wen’t through mixamo, then when i try importing a .fbx animation from Mixamo it just gives me an error. Any help?

If you read the error it says your missing bones. The bones may be there but they might not be named correctly. Try renaming the bones.

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i keep having the same issue, let me know if you find a solution!

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did you try renaming the bones?

I did, but I still getting the same error, I’m not sure why

sorry for the late reply.

this error might be because the Roblox R15 only has 15 bones. The Maximo rig has a few more so that’s probably messing with the hierarchy.

(in Roblox the upper torso would be directly connected to the lower torso, but this ones got a few more bones in-between)

you could also try using this