Mixamo Plugin Soon!

I’m making a Mixamo plugin, i’d like some opinions, what i could improve, currently it only has 8 animations, i’ll be adding more animations every single day so stay tuned!
Here is some footage I made showcasing the current state of the plugin:

External Media

If any of you would like to test it or upload your favourite animation from the Mixamo website into the plugin please message me and I will do so!

For the UI id recommend making something more organized and prettier. Like have it organized in categories, etc. Otherwise its a handy and good plugin, but id focus on basic animation first, such as walking, idle, running, etc.

I just completed the new gui! Can I hear your opinion on that?

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Let me send you a footage showcasing the new gui:

I think that you need to make it more simplified and cleaner looking like this:

it really depends on what functions you add, etc.

Your’s looks really good! Thanks so much for the suggestion although i’m no gui maker its almost my first time making a gui so I really can’t make anything better than i currently have, if you’d like to help please let me know.

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