Mixing audio in Roblox is impossible, Studio needs audio levels feedback



As a Roblox developer, it’s hard to make a game with a good sound mix. Currently the only way to mix is by ear relatively. Sounds can only be mixed relative to each other, and there’s no way to gauge where you are absolutely relative to 0 db. It is also difficult to know how your mix volume compares from one section of your game to another, since you can’t listen to them side by side. This results in inconsistent volume across sections of the game.

It would be nice to have a studio widget that displays the master audio level for the game. This gives you a defined datum to mix the entire game to and takes out the guesswork of mixing by ear.


I’d be happy to see this as a built in studio tool, but I’d be even happier to see the introduction of something like SoundService.PlaybackLoudness and SoundGroup.PlaybackLoudness. I’d expect that these could only be accessed clientside, because the values would be different for different players for sounds in physical space. This would allow us to create custom plugins to display the levels however want, and even make plugins that are a full visual mixing interface to control levels for sounds, soundgroups, and effects controls.

Edit: it would also be helpful for PlaybackLoudness to be separated into L/R channels for this.


This would be great, but couldn’t you just make a visualizer that displays this on a brick and use the audacity volume visualizer as a reference?

But if this was a thing that could be done in studio as a widget, that would be great


couldn’t you just make a visualizer that displays this on a brick

No, this is impossible. There is is no global or per-soundgroup lua accessible volume value. This is what I’m suggesting in the last paragraph.