MMORPG Tutorial Area | Upcoming Game

Please give me feedback on what to do to improve this base level tutorial area.
It also does not have all the islands added for the tutorial - but it will look similar to this so do not think that this is the WHOLE tutorial area.
Keep in mind I have not added buildings to the area with the tree - and I DO plan to add a Samurai shrine within the next couple days.


This looks AMAZING!!! My only suggestion would be to add a little bit of visual interest to the tree–for example, fruit or spots of another color.

Also–I’m not sure what kind of aesthetic you’re going for in your game, but it might be fun to play around with lighting. Combining color correction, bloom, and depth of field might make for a really interesting look!


After a little bit more work I have added a temple and some rocks littered about to create more ambience. Let me know if you guys like it or not!