Mo Simulator Adventures - Update Log

Update Log:

Halloween/Update 10 Part 1
  • :jack_o_lantern: New Halloween Event!
  • :dagger: 5 New Weapons!
  • :framed_picture: 2 New Badges!
  • :world_map: The Map Is Now Halloween Themed.


Summer/Update 9 Part 2
  • :sunny: One New Event Boss…
  • :sunflower: 5 New Pets!
  • :shopping: Updated In-Game Shop to use Roblox’s Merch Module.
  • :closed_lock_with_key: Unlimited ReMos Gamepass Price Reduced. (800 R$ → 750 R$)
  • :wilted_flower: Other Changes.
Summer/Update 8 Part 1
  • :crab: New Summer Event!
  • :ocean: 5 New Weapons!
  • :satellite: 4 New Badges!
  • :person_standing: Stand Battles! Click the Arrow in the Land Of Beginners to give everyone an arrow. Stand Battles can only be activated once per server.
  • :speech_balloon: New Chat Tags!
  • :confetti_ball: URM’s Finally Save!
  • :bow_and_arrow: The arrow can now only be used in the Land Of Beginners.
  • :toolbox: Other Bug Fixes.
Easter 2022/Update 7:
  • :egg: Collect 4 hidden eggs around the map to obtain an exclusive item!
  • :basket: Talk to the Basket Of Wisdom for hints on the locations of these eggs.
Update 6:
  • :cactus:1 New Area!
  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: 3 New Weapons!
  • :notes: Updated Audio for Adventurers Peak and Demons Sanctuary.
  • :gear: URM’s still don’t save and at this point, I give up on trying.
  • :beach_umbrella: The Mo Sim Revamped place is now a showcase, and can not be used for farming anymore.

Note: You must get the first star to unlock the new area.

Update 5:
  • :pirate_flag:1 New Area!
  • :skull_and_crossbones: 1 New Boss Fight…
  • :person_fencing: 2 New Weapons!
  • :musical_note: Muting audio will now mute ReMo, SRM, and URM music.
  • :wrench: Datastore and Minor Bug fixes.
Winter/Update 4 Part 1:
  • :snowflake: 2 New Sub Areas!
  • :chains: 5 New Weapons!
  • :fireworks: Players with the URM Badge now get an exclusive periastron!
  • :hammer_and_pick: Minor Bug Fixes.
  • :x: Manual Data Wipe.
Update 3:
  • :milky_way:1 New Universe!
  • :ocean: 2 New Areas!
  • :dagger: 7 New Weapons!
  • :crystal_ball: URMs! The URM Limit is 1, Has A Base Price of 5 SRMs, and grants a x30 Multiplier.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: ReMo Limit Increased To 150!
  • :star:SRM Limit Increased To 5!
  • :label: 2 New Badges!
Update 2 Part 2:
  • :smiling_imp: 1 New Area!
  • :dagger: 3 New Weapons!
  • :parking: New Premium Starter Sword in the Land Of Beginners for Roblox Premium members!
  • :musical_note: New Music in the Land Of Beginners!
  • :national_park: Land Of Nostalgia → Mo Sim Revamped
  • :label: Other Small Changes.
Update 2 Part 1:
  • :houses: 1 New Area!
  • :dagger: 5 New Items!
  • :label: 5 New Badges! Can you get them all?
  • :x: Wings Of God can no longer fly.
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: ReMoing now has a base price of 5M, and only gives a 1.5x multiplier per.
  • :star: SRMs! the SRM limit is 1, has a base price of 30 ReMos, and gives a 6x multiplier.
  • :stop_sign: ReMoing now has a limit of 30.
  • :medal_sports: New SRM global leaderboard!
  • :money_with_wings: New Unlimited ReMos gamepass! bypass the ReMo and SRM limit!
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Fixed Minor Bugs.
  • :white_small_square: Other Small Changes.
Update 1:
  • :church: 1 New Area!
  • :dagger:3 New Items!
  • :paw_prints: 3 New Pets!
  • :money_with_wings: New Fusion Coil Gamepass!
  • :arrow_down: 3rd and 4th Area access cost, and MIP price reduced.
  • :framed_picture: New Shop UI, and TP Screen that Fits on PC and Tablet.
  • :snowflake:The Ice Dragons Den Obby is possible to complete now.
  • :ice_cube: Nerfed Ice Dragon Godsword’s ultimate ability.
  • :no_entry_sign: Removed Ultimate Winter Longswords ability.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Fixed Bugs.
  • :label: Other Small Changes.

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