Mob Ideas Needed

Hello, I was in the middle of rigging custom rig mobs, when I ran out of ideas, I have made a few wacky or original mobs so far, Concept art is appreciated.

Concept of what i did so far:

Thanks for the help


Little details help a lot, so if I was you I would make: horns on the head, taller, make the green in the eyes neon, maybe even make fingers. like I said people recognise little details and will help a lot in future builds. Keep up the good work :smiley:

A Spider pet from granny would be very cool!!

oh, i meant like other mob ideas for my game, but sure, i can record those suggestions.

So like a spider mob? or an actual pet?

Of cause I mean a mob not a pet

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What is the theme of your game?

adventure fighting, and renaissance, but not history based

i thought its Horror Role play game?

My idea is to make it like a Bi-Pedal Mecha Spider. Not sure whether that’s a good idea but sounds a bit kool.

what do you mean bi pedal? oh and i think steampunk would fit the theme more

naw, sorry for not clarifying, here is another mob i made:

dont mind the t pose, it’s just how i rig everything

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The monsters look nice :+1:. I recommend taking some inspiration from maple story they got a lot of wacky monsters which I think look pretty cool. They give me the same vibe as your monsters. Here is one of the monsters they have which is called Memory Monk.

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is there a website or a reference page?

Yeah, you can find most of the mobs on wiki’s here and another one here. There are a lot and I mean a lot so good luck hunting :smiley:

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