Mobile Ads for Amazon Devices

In the current state of how Mobile Ads work, they are not played on Amazon Devices.

This causes 2 Problems:

  • Less Profit. At one given time my game had over 50% of it’s Players on Amazon Devices instead of IOS or Android. Thus there is a significant decrease in Profit for Game’s that are Popular for Players on Amazon Devices.

  • When you try and call Ads for people with Amazon Devices and you have a GUI that comes up and says something along the lines of “Gameplay sponsored by…” called only to Touch Devices, it will look weird to the Player on the Amazon Device and they will think the Game is broken because the Ad didn’t play.

Here are 2 Solutions:

  • Have Mobile Ads play on Amazon Devices.

  • Have a Property on Player to detect what Platform they are on, Android, IOS, or Amazon.

Do Mobile Ads still work ? I thought they were broken, and weren’t getting fixed anytime soon

No. They are fixed.

Amazon uses Android. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t play… (unless there’s some special thing for Amazon that I don’t know about)

We had to turn ads off for Android (and by extension Amazon) because of an issue with the ad SDK we use. Today’s Android release fixes this issue. We’ll be force upgrading on Monday so everyone is on the latest version, and then we’ll re-enable ads (for the billionth time).

Oh so both IOS and android is getting live again, please give users on roblox or the blog this info, as it was turned off a while back :slight_smile:

What do you mean re-enable Ads? For the past week they have been running smooth and generating a hefty profit. Have they been playing on all Mobile OS’s this past week? And with the Update will they play on Amazon?