Mobile Ads Ressurection

Hey there! I’m sure you all remember how a few years ago we allowed mobile ads and were paid per impression. This practice ended a few months after launch. What if we instead allowed in-game advertising for different Roblox places -
similar to how BC members only see Roblox ads. Developers could upload an ad or something on the roblox site, then for 24 hours it would appear in other mobile games on Roblox. The game developers would get a fraction of the money spent on ad based on impressions, thus encouraging them to add this functionality. Upon clicking an ad the player would be teleported to a new game/group page/item page. Thoughts?


Great idea, however, many developers (i’ll speak for myself though) would not want to add a feature to their game that would cause their own players to leave and join another game. I could see this bringing benefit though to both parties. I think they should just bring back the old ad system on mobile! :smiley:


People made a ton of money off the in-game mobile ad system, but I don’t think it was good for the platform in the long run.


I feel that outweighed the research, time and effort extra you have to put into mobile games.

The lack of the ability to integrate adverts in the mobile app for Roblox games makes the platform very hard to make money off of.
If you look around the app stores, there are very few apps that are both free-to-play and advert free.

ROBLOX has ads when you join the game – it’s not ad-free.

Yes I know, but developers get nothing made from those adverts.

The lack of revenue from mobile ads and lack of in-game ads is because developers can’t handle ads responsibly – that was the reason they were removed in the first place.

Similar to in-game purchases, the consumer can be given a prompt. I know that can still be abused, but less so.
Wasn’t the issue apparently botting the currency rather than misuse?

Also I think the ad provider was pushing ads with adult content and there was other issues with the implementation.

Didn’t see any mention of it on the removal thread. It seemed to be primarily about user experience.

I’m not sure that would help at all. “Play an ad to start the game”, and players would play it. There were also a myriad of other issues concerning the backend of the service (number of ads available, inappropriate ads as Usering mentioned, crashes caused by viewing add, etc)

That wasn’t the correct thread? Here is the mention of bot problems.

As for the “Play an ad to start game”, I could do a similar thing with in-game purchases but people just go “Nope, let’s play another game”.

People could just not play games that misused mobile ads, but they didn’t – that’s not a viable solution.

If that’s the case then Roblox should give us a cut of the revenue made from advertisements played to players before they join ours games, because if our games didn’t exist, neither would those ad impressions.