[Mobile and PC] Pressing the Back Button While Being on Someone's Profile Should Load the Page of Friends We Were Last On

Greetings y’all,

As a Roblox user, it is currently difficult to navigate through the profiles of my friends. Suppose I go to page 5 of my friends list, and I click on a user’s name to visit their profiles. Then, I click the back button on Chrome (or any other browser) and anticipate going back to page 5—which doesn’t happen, it brings me back to page 1. If I want to visit another profile on page 5, I have to click the arrows at the bottom repeatedly, which seems redundant when there could be an easier way (automatically loading the last page I was on).

Please view the video (I apologize, but I could not hide the usernames):

This isn’t only in PC, in fact, I first noticed this on my phone:

Also note, the native way of going back (i.e. in the navigation bar button all the way at the bottom for Android) yields the same result: back to square–I mean page 1.

Note 2: This is not only with the back button, but also the reload button—reloading the webpage on page 5 (for example) also brings me back to page 1.

If this issue is addressed, then it would improve my experience as a user because my overall navigation would be quicker and less clunky than before. Plus, it would eliminate the repetitiveness of pressing the arrows to go back to the page you were last at.

Thank you for taking my request into consideration,
and have a great time!