Mobile App Catalog Should Have More Filters

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to utilize the mobile catalog to its fullest capacity due to the decreased function and limitations of filters in the mobile app in comparison to the catalog when viewed from a browser.

When viewing the catalog from a browser, I have the option to apply I bunch of filters. This includes the genre sort, price sort, and the option to view unavailable items.

See this image for reference:

Now when I’m browsing the catalog on my phone via mobile app, I don’t even have the option to apply genre filters, nor do I even have to option to view unavailable items:

Not only that, I don’t have the option to view bestselling items:


And the order in which the sorts appear is not consistent with the order in which the sort appears on the browser.

Which already is a huge downside, since these are all features that would really help my browsing experience.

In addtion, when I’m using the price sort, I am presented with a sliding bar to set the price sort. But due to the sliding bar only letting you select from 0-1000+, I am limited by:

  • Not having the ability to input any specific number higher than 1000.

This means that I am limited by:

  1. Not having the option to apply a maximum price above 1000 (e.g. only to 2000)
  2. Not having the option to apply a minimum price above 1000 (e.g. only above 2000)

And as a result I am limited by:

  1. Not having the option to apply a minimum to maximum price above 1000 (e.g. 2000-5000)


The categories are also all jumbled up on mobile. See this:


Now compare it to mobile:

Why are the Community Creations and Collectibles on a different bar?

Why is “Avatar Animations” split into “Animations” and “Emotes?”

Why is “Clothing,” “Accessories,” and “Gear” all merged under “Clothing?” How is gear clothing?

Why is “Hair” moved to “Body Parts?” How does that make any sense?

Why do “Bundles” have their own sort as “Characters”?

This makes the mobile catalog much less useful than the browser catalog.

Any mobile user would agree that you’d much rather have these filter sorts than not.

This has always bugged me and I’ve finally decided to request this as a mobile feature.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to apply and use filters more efficiently and therefore get a search result that better fits the result I had been looking for.

Thank you.


Also, could we get more filters in general for the catalog? Such as: Roblox made items, Oldest to newest?

I fully support this request and would like to see some more filters!