Mobile app still thinks i have premium, i recieve all features that premium users have

Today i was browsing through the catalog and Roblox when i noticed a very odd “visual” glitch. On the mobile app, it said i had premium, but my premium expired over 2 weeks ago.
You can even check my profile, i do not have premium.

This causes multiple problems.

I realized that i get discounted UGC items even though i do not have premium. I went to the browser on mobile and i do not get discounted whereas the mobile app still thinks I have premium.


And when the app prompts the purchase, it still says i can buy the item for a discounted price.

This bug is CRITICAL! This bug means that buying premium is not worth it for non developers as users can just get premium for free.

This bug allows me to sell limiteds. I do not have premium but the app allows me to sell my swordpack (im wearing right now).

Edit: my device is Samsung S5 (old i know) and the android version is 6.0.1


I’m pretty sure there’s a delay, but just enjoy it for now! If it’s really been that long and you’re getting sus, then try seeing your payments. It may be that your device bought another month automatically, since it is a subscription and not a one time payment.


But if he had continued with the subscription, he would also have the premium benefits on the mobile website which he does not

Check your billing in settings, but not on the app. If it’s not showing premium at all, then just keep the premium because I’m sure it will go away eventually.

My only form of buying premium are Roblox Giftcards. I have never bought a premium subscription using a credit card. I also do not want to exploit this bug.

Plus, i havent bought premium in over 2 weeks.

Check you app store or Google play, and find the subscription tab, check that of you really have cancelled it as I do not know whether it will still draw money from your account and it becomes a negative. (It might be default cancelled, but you should still check. I do not know of it is default cancelled, because when I use gift cards tp buy subscription, I immediately cancel the subscription after I bought the subscription. So that it would cancel it when it ends.)

Like i said i never use the google play store to buy premium. When you have less credit then the price for premium Roblox just doesnt give you premium and does not get you into the negatives. This is definitely a bug.

Heres a video to anyone who thinks this isnt a bug:

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I’m pretty sure if you abuse bugs like this for personal benefit, Roblox will punish your account.


I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved

I had the same problem, luckily the issue resolved itself.

Honestly, I’m not sure why this bug is occurring only on mobile and not any other device…

Alright, when there is more info from the engineers i will pass it along

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My friend have this too even hes premium is expired…