Mobile App Won't Open and Tells Me I Have A Network Error

Roblox Mobile has recently been unable to be opened because every time I open the app it tells me I have no network. My internet is completely fine clearly as I would not be able to make this post. I already had my “Local Networks” setting turned on for Roblox in the app settings, and my internet is fine.

Once every 30 minutes the app works completely fine until I join an experience. A lot of textures / meshes don’t load, I am generally laggy often, and sometimes I get randomly disconnected. Every time I leave an experience or get disconnected or close the app, I can’t get back in for another 30 minutes due to the no network errors.

This problem has been happening for almost 24 hours as this post and its driving me insane.

Edit: For more context I also have offloaded the app about 7 times and disconnected and reconnected to my wifi about 8 times. Still won’t work. Also I am using an iPhone 14.

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@Linkinthegamer Hello, either this is due to a Roblox issue, or your version is not up to date, or you may need to forget your wifi network and reconnect. This could be a bug, make sure you are not using mobile data if you are on wifi. You can check for updates through the Play Store or try reinstalling your Roblox.

My Roblox app is up to date, I have already tried reconnecting my Wifi multiple times, I am not using mobile data. I am not sure what to do. Roblox studio was broken for me during this time but it seems to have been fixed as I am finally able to keep working on my projects.

@Linkinthegamer The issue is related to parallel connectivity on Your problem will be resolved once everything is up and running. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I have been unable to test and play my games for 21 hours…

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