Mobile Authentication app does not work for RBLX Microsoft Windows Version


Hello, there is a bug that has been happening for a while now.
Basically, if people try logging into the Microsoft windows app version of Roblox with mobile verification (like google authentication, etc), it will read the code as invalid and will not sign you in.

  • Time it happened: Always
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Type of Roblox Version: Microsoft Windows RBLX
  • Chances of it happening: 100%

Notes: This happens with everyone.

Reproduction steps:

    1. Download the Microsoft Version of Roblox. (Microsoft Store > Roblox > Download > Install)

    1. Have mobile authentication enabled, which can be found here:
      Settings > Security

    1. After that, launch the Microsoft Windows version of Roblox.

    1. Input Username and Password

  • Once successful, it will prompt you to verification screen [which can be retrieved from authenticator app.]

Expectance: It will appear as invalid, and fail to sign you in, even if the code is correct.

Video of it happening:

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Just the fact that it says “SMS” is a sign that it’s obviously broken.

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Hey folks! Authenticator should now be fully supported on the Roblox Windows desktop application. Please let us know if you’re still encountering any issues.