Mobile chatbox is blank when you tap out of it and tap back into it

I apologize ahead of time if a topic like this already exists, I can’t seem to find it.

Hi developers,
I’m experiencing a problem on mobile. When users tap into the chat box, type something, then tap out of it and tap back into it, the text they typed out is blank. This happens on every game I play on mobile, and needs to be fixed. I experience this every time, but I’m not sure if others do.

I don’t know if this problem occurs with Android devices, but it does for iOS.
This issue is quite difficult to explain, but I will show the steps needed to reproduce it:

  1. Open the Roblox app on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod/etc.) and join a game (preferably one without a custom chat box, it needs to be default).
  2. Wait for your character to load, then click on the chat box.
  3. Type something into the text field, then do not click enter; instead, tap OUT of it by tapping anywhere on your screen.
  4. Wait for your on-screen keyboard to disappear before tapping the chat box again. When you tap into it, the text you typed into the chat is blank.

My steps may be confusing, and if they are, no worries. I’ve attached a video below showing what I mean:

Please have this problem fixed ASAP, it would make typing on mobile much easier.

Hey @lluckvy - can you confirm which version of Roblox you’re on? I just tested on an iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 on Roblox v441 and v442 and didn’t see this issue.


Edit: can you also provide which device you’re using, as well as iOS/iPadOS version?

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Hi! I was using a 5th-gen iPad. Also, I wrote this topic a while ago before this issue was fixed, and had to wait for it to be approved.

It seems like this issue was resolved while this post was going through approval, but thank you for responding!

Below, you can see there isn’t a white bar above the keyboard anymore, and you type your chats directly in the chatbox.

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Hi @lluckvy - perfect! Thanks for following up and confirming the issue is no longer occurring :hugs: