Mobile control for game involving running

So im making a game that involves running around and some movement.
The problem though, is how i would make it possible to play on mobile.

Since the game has (currently) a sprinting and crouching system (and probably will be more movements like possible climbing), I feel like its not a good idea to just make a whole lot of buttons (especially since some buttons like the sprinting one requires you to hold it)

Any ideas on how I should make it work?

currently I have the idea of replacing the jump button with a button similar to the walk button, except when you click it, you sprint, and dragging it up makes you jump, down makes you crouch, and left and right would be reserved for future use (maybe to make it so you dont HAVE to sprint if you want to jump, ill make it double click then hold for the sprint?)

need ideas please help : (
probably going with something similar to what I said up there