Mobile controls get stuck when tapping notch area on phones



Earlier, I was trying out a game on my phone when I made the discovery that pressing any of the black next to the notch, while using the mobile controls, causes the UI to “lock into place” regardless of any further touches until the menu button is tapped twice. This means that the player is completely unable to move, and might be stuck walking and/or jumping until they tap the menu button two times.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a place on a mobile device that has a notch.
  2. Start to hold down any of the built-in mobile controls.
  3. Press the black notch area.
  4. Any mobile control changes are now ignored until hitting the menu button twice.

I discovered this on Roblox Android with a OnePlus 6, I am unsure whether this is limited to certain devices or is the same for all devices with a notch.

I decided to make this bug report as I constantly find myself accidentally pressing a part of the notch with a part of my hand, due to the size of my phone. Having to go into the menu before being able to continue playing the game properly can definitely degrade the experience, especially if the player in question doesn’t even know that opening the menu is the solution to the problem.

I tried this using a TextButton, and found that the button is considered to be “held-down” by the player until they simply tap the button again. While this also could be something to look into, I definitely don’t believe it’s as much of a priority as the issue specifically with the mobile controls.

Here is a video showing the issues that I have mentioned above:


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